You find templates on the right hand.

We need your print file with specs:

JPG Format (dont send PDF)
– 300 dpi
– CMYK color space
– Provide additional 4mm of  bleed margin
(e.g. 80cm wheel of fortune – 808mm x 808mm)
– note the 3cm fixing screw in the center
(our 90cm premium wheel is available without visible screw)
– sections must have the same size
– no cutlines (delete our template)

After we received your file, we will give you a feedback.

Send to: mail@wheelproduction.eu



60cm diameter:

8 boxes
16 boxes
24 boxes

80cm diamter:

7 boxes
8 boxes
12 boxes
16 boxes
18 boxes
24 boxes
32 boxes

90cm diameter:

6 boxes
16 boxes
32 boxes

100cm diamter:

10 boxes
16 boxes
20 boxes
32 boxes

Other quantity of boxes are also possible.

To improve our workflow, see here the most issues for print files:

JPG file & CMYK color mode?

Delete our cutlines/template?

Center the wheel?

Add +4mm bleed/margin around?

Text & graphics enough distance to border & pegs?