Wheel of fortune accessories

Carrier Bag

The carrier bags for our wheels of fortune are handmade in Germany. They hold enough space for the stand and the wheel itself. With the carrier bag, a single person can comfortably carry the wheel of fortune. The bag is made from tear-resistant 660 gr / m2 fabric and comes with a velcro and shoulder straps.

Protective Laminate

The matte protective laminate protects the print from mechanic stresses and UV-rays. The laminated surface is also suited for drawing on it with pens or using stickers.

Glue remains and the drawings can easily be removed with a cloth, water and, for very persistent stains, denatured alcohol.

Additional stand weight

Even with strong wind, the additional weight will make sure that the wheel of fortune stand straight. The weight is a PVC bag that can be filled with sand or water.

Fixed Center Disc

Our PVC wheels can be extended by a fixe center disc. The disc does not rotate and is therefore perfeclty suited for a logo.

Changeable Foil

You want to switch designs on your PVC wheel of fortune? With our changeable foils, that is possible! You can simply remove the pins and put the new foil over the wheel. Screw the pins on again and your new design is done.